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Aranda MD Enterprises wants to keep you in the family. Whether that means working a job, staying home with small children, or traveling, we aim to get some of your life back.  

We have been practicing medicine in Los Angeles for two years. Our services include pain management in a caring manner for patients with a type of chronic pain that is never going to change, age management and weight control, hair loss and regenerative medicine. Her seventh book will center on the management of failed back syndrome and describe her current protocol in details that patients and physicians can understand.

Dr. Margaret Aranda is a Stanford-trained anesthesiologist with subspecialty training in critical care. Her PhD is in forensic science and her thesis was on women's health. After doing operating room and intensive care at the University of Pennsylvania, she was faculty in three departments: Anesthesiology and Critical Care, Surgery and Traumatology and Radiology. As Interim Chief of Anesthesiology at the University of Pennsylvania's Philadelphia VA Medical Center during 911, she optimized veteran's health care outcomes and spearheaded several patient protocols. 

Now a traumatic brain injury survivor after a tragic accident with her daughter, Dr. Aranda understands pain and disability. She has personal insight into rejuvenating you back to a your best possible  health. Her most recent publication is The Rebel Patient™ book. 

Dr. Margaret Aranda is a member of the following Societies:

American Medical Association, Member

American Society of Anesthesiologists, Member

California Society of Anesthesiologists, Member

Invisible Disibilities™ Association, Vice Chair

Tucked away in the mountains of southern California, Dr. Aranda is a devoted mother of two who stays active writing, cooking, and training Buddha, her relaxed German Shepherd.   

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