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Specializing in back pain, failed back syndrome, central and intractable pain.

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How We Can Help You

How We Can Help You

Dr Aranda is a Stanford-trained anesthesiologist & critical care physician. She survived a traumatic brain injury, writing six books during recovery.

Dr Aranda knows pain


How We Can Help You

How We Can Help You

How We Can Help You

Dr Aranda focuses on sleep, diet, supplements and pain medications, with the use of  sex hormone replacement, platelet-rich plasma, exozomes and neurogenesis 


See the Difference

How We Can Help You

See the Difference

Maximizing a blend of stepwise accents to provide a most comprehensive back pain,  headache and anti-aging portfolio

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Dr Margaret Aranda knows pain. Inquire about supplements, medications, PRP, exozomes & sex hormones.


Sex Hormone Replacement


Dr. Margaret Aranda knows pain. Inquire about her comprehensive treatment plans, because she  is here to keep you in the family,




Sex Hormone Replacement


We help you with sleep, diet, pain and aging, using modalities like supplements, steroid and anabolic hormones, anti-inflammatories, PRP, exozomes and more. 


Sex Hormone Replacement

Sex Hormone Replacement

Sex Hormone Replacement

Suffering from fatigue, insomnia, pain and lack of motivation? Could be your body is deficient in  sex hormones. Ask us about 

DHEA, pregnelolone, testosterone, estradiol and progesterone.

Pearls of Wisdom


Back Pain Protocol

We have an aggressive protocol that strives to halt intractable low back pain in its tracks, determine co-existing disease(s), and make healthier parts of your body healthier.


Reasons to Regenerate

Regenerative medicine is an alternative to regular medical treatment plans. Here, we focus on healing from the inside out, and do not just “cover” pain up ~ we hope to decrease and reverse the source of the pain. Our goal is to turn you back into the person you used to be.


Balance your Mind, Soul and Body

We want you to sleep. And you bet we see your diet, weight loss, and hormone replacement making a drastic difference in your pain. And your marriage.


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"Keeping you in the family" with the personalized whole care you deserve.

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